Blue Slips

Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS) scheme (Blue Slips)

Advanced Auto Centre’s one-stop-shop are equipped to give you an up-to-the-minute evaluation to prove your new or used vehicle is roadworthy and meets design and identity standards the RTA will require a Blue slip. We cater for Cars light Trucks, Motor bikes and Trailers.

At Advanced Auto Centre, We have simplified the whole process of registering your vehicle. Once you obtain the Blue Slip, it will also come with the required forms to complete the registration. Along with your paid green slip, you are now ready to register you vehicle at the nearest RTA.

The features of a "blue slip" inspection that differ from Safety Checks include:

  • an enhanced vehicle identity check which is intended to accurately identify the vehicle
  • the addition of a written-off vehicle check which is designed to help detect stolen vehicles which have been re-identified using the identities of wrecked vehicles bought at auction
  • the inclusion of a design check to ensure that a vehicle meets vehicle design and construction standards
  • blue slip is also required for interstate vehicle in order to be registered in NSW